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Thread: tips for remembering textarea

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    tips for remembering textarea

    textarea is not an input type. it is its own element. after not working with textarea for a while, one might forget that it's not an input type and attempt to code it as <input type='textarea'>. i want to see if anyone might have a good suggestion on remembering that textarea is coded as <textarea>. to me, it would make more sense to make the textarea an input type, why they made it a separate element is beyond me.

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    You raised a very salient issue and i'm beginning to think about it. There must really be a reason textareas have their own tags rather than using the input tag with their own attributes. As far as remembering it is concerned, you just have to get used to it.
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    Maybe just think of it being different in that you can have pre-filled text between the start and end tag of a textarea, whereas that would not make sense with input tags (though it does with button tags)?
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    nogdog, that's what i was thinking exactly. the pre-filled text could be really long and putting it between the start and end tags make sense. i'll use that as a way of remembering that it has its own tags.

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