I wanted to modify a script to return a three letter "sentence" when the page loads and ideally inline rather than as part of a form.

I found the code below written by Paul McFeddries http://www.mcfedries.com/javascript/randomwords.asp which I've fiddled around with, and am continuing to fiddle with, but aren't having much luck in figuring it out.

Any help would be appreciated.

<head><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
// Use the following variable to specify
// the number of random words
var NumberOfWords = 28

var words = new BuildArray(NumberOfWords)

// Use the following variables to
// define your random words:
words[1] = "czarevitch"
words[2] = "brightwork"
words[3] = "verkrampte"
words[4] = "protectrix"
words[5] = "nudibranch"
words[6] = "grandchild"
words[7] = "newfangled"
words[8] = "flugelhorn"
words[9] = "mythologer"
words[10] = "pluperfect"
words[11] = "jellygraph"
words[12] = "quickthorn"
words[13] = "rottweiler"
words[14] = "technician"
words[15] = "cowpuncher"
words[16] = "middlebrow"
words[17] = "jackhammer"
words[18] = "triphthong"
words[19] = "wunderkind"
words[20] = "dazzlement"
words[21] = "jabberwock"
words[22] = "witchcraft"
words[23] = "pawnbroker"
words[24] = "thumbprint"
words[25] = "motorcycle"
words[26] = "cryptogram"
words[27] = "torchlight"
words[28] = "bankruptcy"

function BuildArray(size){
this.length = size
for (var i = 1; i <= size; i++){
this[i] = null}
return this

function PickRandomWord(frm) {
// Generate a random number between 1 and NumberOfWords
var rnd = Math.ceil(Math.random() * NumberOfWords)

// Display the word inside the text box
frm.WordBox.value = words[rnd]
<FORM NAME="WordForm">
<INPUT TYPE=BUTTON onLoad="PickRandomWord(document.WordForm)"
VALUE="Click Here to Get a Random Word">