Hey there,

Been lurking a bit and couldn't find the answer. Basically I have a bunch of buttons that I want to turn into a drop down menu and have the code be executed onChange. But, I'm a javascript n00b and am having a hard time figuring out how this would work. I somewhat got it to work, but I couldn't get it to work with more than one option.
Here's what I have:
<button class="lightbutton" onclick="lightswitch(1,true);lightswitch(2,true);lightswitch(3,true);">All lights on</button>
<button class="lightbutton" onclick="lightswitch(1,false);lightswitch(2,false);lightswitch(3,false);">All lights off</button>
I got the lights to turn on by doing this:

<form name="functions">
<select name="jumpmenu" onChange="lightswitch(1,true);lightswitch(2,true);lightswitch(3,true);">
<option value="";>Light 1 On</option>
Now, I see why it works -- it's just telling it that whenever it changes to turn on all the lights. But how do I change the "onChange" to make it so it gets whichever option I have chosen?

I appreciate the help.