Hi, currently I use the Switch Content script- from Dynamic Drive to handle a couple of drop downs on my blog scripts. While it works fine, it seems an awful lot of code to do the few items I need.

The big deal on this is that if JS is turned off in the browser, the divs can still be seen.

There are some shorter bits of JS to do a drop down div, but none I have found will show the div if JS is off.

This is a much shorter div drop:
The Javascript
// -- drop divs - start with 2
function showHide(elementid) {
 if (document.getElementById(elementid).style.display == 'none') {
  document.getElementById(elementid).style.display = 'block';}
   else {document.getElementById(elementid).style.display = 'none';}

<div><a href="javascript:showHide('2')"><b>First</b></a></div>
<div id="2" style="display:none;">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

<div><a href="javascript:showHide('3')"><b>Second</b></a></div>
<div id="3" style="display:none;">
Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam.
How do I make this show when javascsript is off?

Hope someone can help on this - thanks.