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Thread: Session cookie etc to remember my last selection

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    Session cookie etc to remember my last selection

    Hi there,

    I have been looking for a solution to the following:

    My site has three buttons or hyperlinks as buttons. With each one I click it changes the display layout of the items in my cart. If I choose a different category from the list in the sidebar the display layout goes back to the default instead of remembering my previous selection. Is there anyway I can achieve this with JQuery or not?

    I am new to this so any help will be fantastic?

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    If choosing a different category reloads the page, then remembering it with JS (e.g. storing in a variable) is no good. You could use cookies, but i would suggest just changing a part of the url. Maybe something behind a hash tag like http://your.url/category/idontknow#2, where #2 means second display layout. If you could extract some html from your page and demonstrate here, what you have, you will get more thorough advice.

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