Hi all,

I'm developing a web-based tool for my work using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and a MySQL database.

My employers haven't asked me to do this.

I have already launched the database part of the 'tool' at work.

No one has mentioned money or contracts. As far as I'm concerned, it's useful but it's at my liberty whether it can be used or not.

I made sure not to create any of it on work's time or computers/networks (this would make the tool their property by default).

All the files are on my hosting account which my employers can't access.

I live in the UK.

My questions are:

1. Is what I've created considered "software"? Or more to the point, is what I've created... protect-able?

2. If what I've created is protect-able (as in, my employer can't just copy my files and host it themselves), what kind of protection do I need? A patent? A copyright? I'm guessing not a trademark.

Thank you!