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    Question Help Hiring a Web Developer

    I need some advice before I submit a project to several developers for a quote. I've never hired a developer before, so I'm hoping to get some tips from you fine folks about how best to approach this project.

    I want to create a site with a few different user/registration types. The lineshare of users would be uploading PDFs. When these PDFs are uploaded, I want them to be available for viewing/interaction based on registration type, but I also want those uploaded files to be more interactive. For example, if someone uploads a PDF, I want that PDF to have the Issuu effect (http://www.turnjs.com/ is a relatively inexpensive .js solution I have found thus far). The files and the viewing shell (Issuu, turnjs or whatever works best) needs to be locally hosted and the user who uploaded them would need to be able to remove those files on their own.

    How would you recommend I go about selecting a developer to help me build this? There are several other aspects of development that will need to be done, but this is the most complex part I can envision so I figured I'd ask you all to help me get some ideas so I can hire the right person for the right price. Thanks (in advance) for your feedback!

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    Hi thatoneguy,

    It's great that you have outlined the specific skill set that you would need for your developer. But, since you are also asking as to how much these developers are paid you can check this list of web developers that work full time online:

    At that rate, they already have significant experience in their field. In fact, if you haven't got any response you can hire from them. I'm sure one of them does have those specifications you mentioned. Just sort them out by skill.

    Hope that helps!

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    One of the best approaches when hiring web developers is to conduct an interview and ask for references, which could help you assure that the person you’re going to hire has the skills and talent for the job. You should also test them first in order to narrow applicants and see who has the potential for the job.

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