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Thread: Finding keywords that rank on a page

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    Question Finding keywords that rank on a page

    Seems like this should be simple, but I'm not finding a simple answer....

    Is there a tool that you what keywords a page is ranking on in the search engines?

    For example, if I have a page such as:

    I want to know if this page (article) is ranking on any keywords.

    Google Analytics and other tools will tell me what keywords are driving traffic to a site, but not at a single URL level (without setting the tracking up to that level). I also can find lots of tools to let me see if a keyword is ranking and at what rank.

    But I want all of this from the opposite direction. I have the article URL, I want to be told what keywords are working for it.

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    wow. I expected a better chance of getting an answer to this question on this forum than some of the other ones in the Developer.com network. Looks like there is a new tool that might need to be written.....

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    You can use the tool called Rank Tracker to know the Ranking of specific URL

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