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Thread: Free IP locator service?

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    Free IP locator service?


    im looking for a free IP locator service that allows me to query IP addresses live, without having to download anything and is as reliable as possible. Right now im using this:


    which works quite well, since it shows city, country and other things in xml, so you can use them as you want on your site. The problem is that it lacks accuracy and its available only in English and Russian. Im looking something with support for Spanish as well. Can you recommend me something?

    Thank you.

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    Hello??? Any answer please?? What happens with this forum lately??

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    share experience

    yup i came across a similar site called www.Ip-Details.com
    where ip can be traced along with the geo location..
    Even i could'nt find one in other language..
    if anyone knows please do intimate me...
    But in the site i mentioned i had no issues on accuracy..
    If you want check yourself with it..

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    Geo-ip location services are not reliable.

    My IP routinely shows me as being located 200 or more miles from my actual location.

    At best you can locate a person in a country (in most cases) but remember that IP blocks are allocated non sequentially and this is in the name of security to stop a blanket block of a country or to facilitate a hack.

    When I was a BT Internet customer, my IP address would show up as being american despite being located in the UK.
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