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Thread: double quotes inserts in MySql

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    double quotes inserts in MySql


    Does anyone know how to get double quotes to insert into database?

    I use
    PHP Code:
    $writer_thought mysql_real_escape_string($writer_thought); 
    But it only works for the single quotes. All double quotes and everything in between are not inserted.

    Thanks for you help.

    Oh and the ini.php magic quotes are turned off already.

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    Can You post a sample of inserted data which contains double quotes ?
    Also, Please post Your complete code.

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    Thanks for responding. I just solved it.

    $writer_thought = mysql_real_escape_string($writer_thought);

    $sql = "INSERT INTO $table (writer_thought,

    VALUES ('$writer_thought,

    I just solved the problem, somehow I managed to accidentall delete the

    $writer_thought = stripslashes(TRIM($writer_thought));

    In the form....

    Everything is working now.

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