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Thread: CSS Strange Behaviour

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    CSS Strange Behaviour


    I am trying to increase the size of my border around my thumbnails from 1px to 3px. When I do this the thumbs drop onto a new line. Not sure why. The container is just set at 100%. And it can expand cause it starts a new line lol

    I can't understand it.

    Here is my page.


    It is the thumbnails underneath the slider I'm talking about. I need the border off the selected thumb to be more prominent so users can see where they are at, at a glance. If I increase it from 1px to 2px or 3px it drops to a new line

    I'm sure this isn't as hard as it seems but I've been on the computer working for about 8 hours today and I can't figure this one out so any fresh individual out there please help me!

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    The container containing the thumbnails has a set width:

    <div class="rsThumbsContainer" style="-webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0ms; -webkit-transform: translate3d(200px, 0px, 0px); width: 204px;"><div style="margin-right:4px;" class="rsNavItem rsThumb rsNavSelected"><img src="http://www.ccmediaservices.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/leftbank1-96x72.jpg"></div><div style="margin-right:4px;" class="rsNavItem rsThumb"><img src="http://www.ccmediaservices.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/leftbank2-96x72.jpg"></div></div>

    I'm guessing this is set with JavaScript, so you may have to override it with CSS !important:

    .rsThumbsContainer {width: 208px !important;}
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Of course! I was increaseing the border thinking about the fact it was increasing the height, I should have realised it was increasing the width! Damm!!

    You see it is responsive so if I make the browser narrower it adjusts correctly. Maybe instead of a pixel value I should set the width to 100%?

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