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Thread: XML vs Text File

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    Question XML vs Text File

    I had created a vb appn. that uses XML. I used XML to store data and to store appn. data like error messages and the like.
    Now I've a doubt. If the same could be incorporated by a text file or using a MS Access database, then what is the advantege of using XML?


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    The advantage of using XML is that in theory it could be used cross-platform, but whether XML is the best solution for your application isn't as clear-cut.

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    Depends on the type of data being stored. If it's something that needs to be shared between multiple applications, XML is an wonderful tool. It's also a lot more flexible than using a proprietary text file format, or even an INI file.

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    the beauty about xml is that you could also use an xml database server or an xml
    enabled server. to stor you data instead of using files! that way your data is
    more easily accessible and faster !

    The main thing is that you can also share your data more easily with xml !
    also easier to change platform using xsl!

    hans hfraser@videotron.ca

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