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    Dating Site

    I have some web development experience, mainly html/css. I tried my hand at creating a dummy site using php backed by mysql. I made some decent progress but nothing to write home about. I am looking for someone to help mentor me as I attempt to create my first large scale project - a fully functional online dating website. Before I begin something foolish, I would like to know how feasible this is for one individual to do. Is it worth trying on my own? Or should I begin to
    search for contract work right off the bat? Lastly, would anyone be interested in joining this venture? Thanks for readin

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    I think i datin site is a very big project. As always, it depends how good the site will be, but i think it will take you at least 6 months to have something some "nice"..

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    You can also contact some freelancers having the same skills, would help you in this project.

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    I am looking to do the same and on my own. I have been reading up a bit on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. However, next, i belive, i need to read up on SQL. My question is SQL the next language to learn next?

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    You need to learn PHP as the interface to SQL. It also knocks spots off Javascript for any serious demands. Javascript is important for making sites attractive to the user, but should not be used functionally. At least, that is my view.

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