Hi, I have used templates for years but can't figure out the problem I'm having.

I have a master template (main.dwt.php) which contains Include files to a header and footer.
I have a page created from the master template (page-right-sidebar.dwt.php), which contains an additional Include file for a rhs sidebar.

Both these templates display fine. The problem lies when I try to create a normal php page using the page-right-sidebar.dwt.php template. It shows as I would expect in Design View, but the minute I hit Live View or try to view from my server nothing shows. I have even tried creating a page from the template and saving as the new php file, without doing any alterations to the file - ie it is a straight replica of the page I just created the file from, and zip, nada, nothing shows.

On my second day (and using a fresh site), trying to resolve this. Any help would be apreciated.