I am trying to figure out how to find an XML node by way of one of its attributes, compare that attribute to a known string, and once I find the match, get the sibling attribute in that same node.

Here is what I have so far.
var glossaryObj = {};

$.get(pURL, function(xmlFile)
		type: "GET",
		url: pURL,
		dataType: "text",
		success: parseGlossXML

function parseGlossXML(xml)
	glossaryObj = xml
This is a sample of the XML file, it is not the complete file.
<item term="AAA" def="Not the American Automobile Association" rollover="Anti-aircraft Artillery" />

<item term="ABCCC" def="Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center" />

<item term="ABP" def="Air Battle Plan" />

<item term="AC" def="Active Component" />
Thanks in advacne for any tips or advice.