Very Frustrated with an issue regarding FireFox (v18.0.2)

I have two sites using the same html5 video code and one works great on all three major browsers (ie ff ch) but the other will not work on FF. The only difference is that they are on two different servers. I understand that mime type could be an issue on the server but if that was the case I would assume the video would not show up at all...and that is not what is happening.

On this site the video works great on all 3 browsers (
On this site the video works great on 2 browsers but FF loads the video, but buffers and jumps to the end, pressing play does nothing (

(note however on the video that does not work you can drag the timeline back and press play to watch the video, just not from the beginning)

As I said, same code is used on both, same file types are used and same software has compiled the videos.

Any suggestions or input would be appreciated...I'm ready to rip my hair out
My next step will be to move the site to my other server to see if that helps.... but would rather not.