how would i

Declare a var named historyText, setting its initial value to an empty text string.
This is what i came up with

var historyText ();

insert a "for loop" in which the counter variable goes from 0 through the length of the bids array in increments of 1. Each time through the loop, append the text string...."bidTime bids (bidders) \n"

to the history text variable, where bidTime, bids, and bidders are the current items in the bidTime, bids and bidders array based on the value of the counter var

(note that \n is an escape character indicating a new line and causes the next entry to the history Text var to be placed on a new line.

this is just some of what i have to do...i dont want all the answers i just need to understand what im
reading and see how its executed. It would mean a lot if someone guided me on this one. Im working and trying really hard. Thank You in advance!