I am designing my webpage: www.wxextreme.net and I have run into an issue with my navigation bar. I have a Java Applet on my Warnings page http://www.wxextreme.net/Warnings.html and my css built navigation bar appears (when hovered over) appears underneath the Applet. I have tried the z-index, but to no avail. I have used values of z-index:1, z-index:99, z-index:1000, and I got fed up and tried z-index:100000000000. None of these worked to bring the css in front of the Applet. I thought of changing the applet parameter to object.style.zIndex="-1" within the APPLET CODE declaration. I figured if I set this to -1 and had the css at a positive number it would bring it up front, but it did not. Any help would be appreciated! Here is the website and css files:


Thank you!!!