Hello, I'm new to php and mysql, I searched all over before I post this question here, so a little help is really appreciated.
I have 5 tables, which are:

books (which is the main table to join with others)

And I have 4 join tables to join between the table books with the other 4 tables:


The problem is, that when there is a book that has a record in the books table, and does not have in books_locations, or in any of the other join tables, this book does not appear with the books on the web page, and it appears only if I add it to all the join tables, the question is, how to display all the books in books table on the page, even if some of them don't have a record in some of the join tables?

Here is the sql select and join statement:

$sql = "SELECT DISTINCT books.title AS Title, books.date_released AS Year, books.price AS Price, authors.name AS Author FROM books

JOIN books_covers
ON books_covers.book_id = books.id

JOIN covers
ON covers.id = books_covers.cover_id

JOIN books_authors
ON books_authors.book_id = books.id

JOIN authors
ON authors.id = books_authors.author_id

JOIN books_locations
ON books_locations.book_id = books.id

JOIN locations
ON locations.id = books_locations.location_id

JOIN books_languages
ON books_languages.book_id = books.id
JOIN languages
ON languages.id = books_languages.language_id