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Thread: Importing values displayed by javascript to input text box

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    Importing values displayed by javascript to input text box

    Hello there, nice to be a part of this community, hope to have some help whit my problem, im making a website that shows job ads, and in the job ad i use a google map script, the dragabble markeble, the one im using is the link above:


    Whit the marker i can choose the place that i want, but i liked to use the values given by the latitude and longitude (current location in the right side of the page in input text box where would be hidden and when i submitted the form would send the values to by database table.

    Basically what i need is display the values given by javascript code in input text boxes, unfortanlly im a noob whit javascript and hope you guys could help me.

    Best regards

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    Well, on that sample page, they are in a div with id="info", so you can retrieve them with

    var values = document.getElementById( "info" ).childNodes[ 0 ].nodeValue.split( ", " );

    which splits the string in that div on comma with space and therefore nicely fills values[ 0 ] with the first value and values[ 1 ] with the second. Then you can fill some inputs with them. I'm sure there is a better way using google maps API, but i'm not familiar with it.

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    Change simply your javascript and HTML with something like this :

    // javascript 
    function updateMarkerPosition(latLng) {
      document.getElementById('info').value = [
      ].join(', ');
    function updateMarkerAddress(str) {
      document.getElementById('address').value = str;
    // HTML
    <form id="infoPanel" method="POST" action="...">
        <b>Marker status:</b>
        <div id="markerStatus"><i>Click and drag the marker.</i></div>
        <b>Current position:</b>
        <input type="hidden" id="info" name="info">
        <b>Closest matching address:</b>
        <input type="text" id="address" name="address">
    Add a button to submit the form ...

    NB : To test the page it's convenient to write hidden with a single letter d (the hidden field is then visible).
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