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Thread: get rid of old url's?

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    get rid of old url's?

    I changed some of the url's for some of the main pages on my website a long time ago when the site was still relatively new. I've had htaccess redirects ever since then for those pages, but I was thinking that I might want to get rid of those just to un-clutter the htaccess file.....since probably almost nobody is still linking to those old url's. (Also, all the pages used to be shtml, and so I also have a rule in the htaccess to direct shtml to html....but I changed the shtml pages to html also in the very early stages of the site.)
    My question is: Is there any way that I can see if people are still linking to those old url's or to any of the pages as shtml?....it might be good to know before I decide to remove those redirects.

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    It's called "link rot". Install a visitor statistical/analytical facility such as Statcounter on each of your pages and you will be able to tell who is visiting them.

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    W3C Markup Validation Service - validate HTML code for reliable rendering in all Browsers
    WAVE accessibility evaluation tool - check page structure, image alt text, form labels, etc.

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    Thanks for the information Polyglot!

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