Hello folks:
I would love your feedback on my http://australia-car-exporter.com site. We are a car exporter from Australia and export mostly Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota RAV-4, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche and other Pickup trucks, Sport Utility Vehicle, MPV and luxury vehicles. Site is relatively new but not picking steam when someone searches for the above vehicles in Australia. We are a worldwide car exporter and our sites for Thailand, Japan, Singapore, UK and Dubai UAE are doing much better in SERPs.

Any ideas on what we could do on development side and on SEO side to lift the fortunes of this site are welcome. We want to rank on 2014 2103 Toyota Landcruiser 70 and Landcruiser 200 and on used Landcruiser and other Toyota vehicles. We are doing well in Bing but not on Google which brings over 80% of search engine traffic on our other sites.

What kind of back links would help us the most.