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Thread: Add parent form action from child

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    Add parent form action from child

    I am not the greatest on javascript and was hoping someone could give me some help. I am trying to pass to the parent form action field a value from the child. The child is an iframe and they are both in the same domain.

    Here are variations I've tried in the child now which did not work:
    window.parent.document.forms['stopForm'].action = "command_stop_15264.cgi";
    window.parent.document.forms['stopForm'].form.action = "command_stop_15264.cgi";
    window.parent.document.forms['stopForm'].form.action.value = "command_stop_15264.cgi";
    My parent page form is pretty simply and I tried a couple of options:
    <form method="POST" name="stopForm" id="stopForm" target="stopinfo"></form>
    <form method="POST" action="" name="stopForm" id="stopForm" target="stopinfo"></form>

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    If I understand you correctly, do the following:
    (1) Add an input of type "hidden" to your form.
    (2) Add to, or create, an 'onsubmit' event to that form
    (3) on submit, access the element from the iframe and extract its value
    (4) put the value inside the hidden input
    (5) have onsubmit return "true"

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    tcob, yes that would work, put my value from the child to a hidden input of the parent form.

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