I am not the greatest on javascript and was hoping someone could give me some help. I am trying to pass to the parent form action field a value from the child. The child is an iframe and they are both in the same domain.

Here are variations I've tried in the child now which did not work:
window.parent.document.forms['stopForm'].action = "command_stop_15264.cgi";

window.parent.document.forms['stopForm'].form.action = "command_stop_15264.cgi";

window.parent.document.forms['stopForm'].form.action.value = "command_stop_15264.cgi";
My parent page form is pretty simply and I tried a couple of options:
<form method="POST" name="stopForm" id="stopForm" target="stopinfo"></form>

<form method="POST" action="" name="stopForm" id="stopForm" target="stopinfo"></form>