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Thread: Resizing image "on the fly"

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    Question Resizing image "on the fly"

    Sorry for the wording - I'm new to developing so please bear with me..

    I'm inserting and image gallery with HTML and CSS.

    *I've attached the code*

    I would like there to be thumbnails of the images and then when clicked have them (the thumbs) move down so a larger image of the desired thumb will be viewable and the thumbs will be under the larger image. Confused?

    I don't think I need script for this, but I also think my coding is far from the desired effect?

    (I got the initial code from here... https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/...htmlcss/launch)

    Can you help?


    *Also, sorry if this is in the wrong area - it's my first post
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    Yes, you'll need to write some JavaScript to achieve the effect you describe. Just so you'll know, the page from mozilla.org also uses JavaScript.

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    Thanks for the reply. Looks like I'll be learning JS sooner than I thought !

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    At all I do not know, that here and to tell that it is possible

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    Why not just use a lightbox? I can post lightbox code if your interested... here's a link to view some examples...

    It uses html, jquery, js, and css... very easy to implement.

    Click here for an example and to download the code.

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    jlnewnam -

    I gave lightbox a try before the original post, but as I said I'm new to developing and haven't studied jquery or js. There was a lot of code in the files you're able to download from that site and it was a bit confusing (they give you everything for the entire page, not just the image gallery).

    But I'm keen the design I mentioned and lightbox is very similar so I may give it another run. There seems to be some helpful people in the forums so I may need a hand or two!


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