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Thread: PHP framework sought

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    PHP framework sought

    Hello all,

    I need your advice as professional web developers, which I'm not quite yet ;-)

    This is my current website: http://4nf.org/
    It's hosted on a 1&1 web host in Germany.
    I'm quite happy with 1&1 and would like to stay there.

    The web host supplies PHP frameworks installations like Wordpress, or TYPO3 on one mouse click.

    I've been researching on the web and there is an abundance of PHP frameworks out there.

    When looking at Google Trends, it seems that most of them like Yii, or Zend or similar have little relevance nowadays, where Wordpress & Co seem to be dominating.

    I would like to support user-comments and other content management facilities.

    Which PHP framework can you recommend?

    (My current favorites are Wordpress or Yii, two completely different worlds...)

    Thanks in advance and kind regards
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    Wordpress and Zend are two very different animals. In a nutshell, Wordpress is designed for creating blogs, and with some plug-ins, custom coding, and a bit of coaxing can be made to go beyond just blogs. In a similar vein would be Drupal or Joomla, being for more generalized web site development. I don't call them frameworks, if for no other reason than not to confuse them with the lower-level frameworks like Zend.

    Zend (CodeIgniter, Lithium, Symfony, etc.) are more general frameworks for creating virtually any type of web site, making no assumptions about how the web site will function, other than that HTTP requests will be received and processed, and then HTTP responses will be returned to the requester.

    Which type of thing you use and which specific one of that type is dependent on what the project is, how well it fits one of the pre-fab apps like WordPress versus a lower-level framework like Zend, and how good your PHP and SQL skills are -- but there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all answer.
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    hi,arvgta,Strictly speaking, wordpress is not a framework.
    I think there is no the best php framework, but best for your project.
    And, you can view this site( PHP Frameworks ) to compare php frameworks and find a right php framework for your project. this site have a top 10 list,it is useful.

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    Thanks to both of you!

    I have opted for Wordpress, as it is higher-level:


    What do you think?
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