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Thread: Countdown box, active for all users.

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    Question Countdown box, active for all users.

    Hi Guys

    Objective: A countdown box, with a Start button, that any user on the webpage can start. The countdown should then appear so all users are able to see countdown, when countdown reaches 0, it should display message ex. "Lets Drink, Cheers" for 5-10 seconds, then the start button should appear again, so that another user can activate it.

    I have found this : http://veryuseful.info/test/timerreset/ which shows a php/javascript that has the client / server time sync functionality, that is needed for clients to see when countdown is active.

    Since i cannot get soucecode for this, and my programming skills are still on "Copy/Paste/Edit" level, I hope someone could help me get started.

    *As a feature it would be nice that the start button went away, and a join in button appeared, and a counter to show how many has joined the countdown.

    Hope someone can help me, or maybe link me some similar project, since i cannot seems to find any.


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    so....you must have a small knowllegge of java for show text .....is not only php but if you want one script for count down like here filminitaliano.com i can send you... and you can make a reset button ....

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    your question

    Hi René,
    I ran across your question while searching for the same thing. Did you ever come up with a solution? If so, would you mind sharing with me?

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