Hi All,

I have recently been playing around with a jquery popup (code below).
// Semicolon ( to ensure closing of earlier scripting
// Encapsulation
// $ is assigned to jQuery
;(function($) {

// DOM Ready
$(function() {

// Binding a click event
// From jQuery v.1.7.0 use .on() instead of .bind()
$('#my-button').bind('click', function(e) {

// Prevents the default action to be triggered.

// Triggering bPopup when click event is fired



This works when clicking a button, obviously the button has an "id="my-button".

Now I was wondering if I could take this further, as I like this kind of popup and would like to use it from an image map but I cannot get my head around it. As an image map has a href=" " option.

How would I instigate this popup from the image map?

Thank you.