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Thread: Asynchronous functions or ?

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    Question Asynchronous functions or ?

    I am creating a plugin that will be embedded in a web page as an object (application MIME type). This plugin will handle a type of peer to peer connection for transferring data back and forth between the peers. On the page will be different controls for executing functions within the plugin... one being the creation of a connection between the two peers. My problem is that when I am creating the connection you can't click on anything... you can't change browser tabs... nothing... it is almost like the browser has frozen. I have tried a number of asynchronous methods like using callbacks and setTimout(function(),0) but regardless of what I try, it always experiences this freeze, does anybody have any suggestions on what I might do/try to solve this problem?

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    you can use the chrome profiler to point the blame, but im guess it's part of the java/flash object that does it.
    if that's the case, there's little you can do about it in javascript.
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    Thanks rnd me, that pretty much confirms my suspicions as well...

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