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Thread: [RESOLVED] link inside php created mailto not working

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    resolved [RESOLVED] link inside php created mailto not working

    I am creating a link to an amil button and inside the mailto content I want to add a link. But that is not working. I breaks the mailto link.

    PHP Code:
    $body ="
    Date Required: 
    $name[1] $name[0]%0A
    Requesting Lawyer: 
    $lawyername[1] $lawyername[0]%0A


    <a href=\"searchresults.php?id=
    $id\">View Full Details</a>

    <p class="head">Your request has been submitted.</p>
    <p class="subhead">You must confirm your Search by email.<br />Please, click on the button below to send the email.</p>
    <br /><br />

    <a href="mailto: email@email.com?subject=Corporate Search Request&body='
    .$body.'" /><img src="images/email-order.jpg" width="113" height="29" border="0" /></a>
    This is what appears:

    View Full Details" " />[graphic]

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