I'm taking a course at my local college for programming, and one of the assignments is going to code academy. Which I don't like because I don't think it explains good enough for what it wants you to do. But anyways here is the description of the exercise.

"Write code that contains an if/else statement, just like we did in the last exercise. When your condition is true, print to the console "I am right". When it is false, print to the console "I am wrong". Make sure your statement evaluates to false so it prints out "I am wrong".

Ok I found the answer online because I couldn't figure it out, here it is.

if (10 > 5 * 2) {
alert("Let's go down the first road!");
} else {
console.log("Oops, please try again");

So my question is what does it mean when it says console.log(1); What does the (1) mean?