Hello all...rather new here. I just got this gig with a surf company. Well I don't have it completely yet but I'm essentially the only one they are talking to. They want a Wordpress Site with the template worked up so that they can add stuff later and not have to pay me to do it. But initially they want me to build the entire site. The first page will be the hardest as I've forgotten more php then I remember, but after that all the pages will use the same template with just some pictures and text thrown onto it. But there are a total of almost 60 pages (if I counted correctly). I was thinking that a bit under $2000 for the whole shebang would be a deal but I really don't have anything to gauge off. I'm willing to take a bit less as this is my 1st really big site. I've mostly done work for companies as their employee so I don't know about the contract work. Unfortunately I don't think I can talk them into a per hour basis.

Anyone just have a estimate? You don't have to get all super into it...it's just to give me a rough idea. I'm sure they'll be some negotiating...plus I plan on working up a page to give myself an estimate of how long it will take. I have a day job at a defense contractor so this is more for fun/getting a portfolio together.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.