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    Drop Down Menu Help...


    It's been quite some time since the last time I logged in here, but I am back...And glad to be!


    I would like to create a drop down menu (select menu) that you see across many sites, that allow you to sort or filter.

    I will give you my basic server setup.

    I am using php + mysql on localhost.

    I am looking for help on creating two different select menus.

    One menu will be to sort. For example:

    Sort by (default)
    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3

    The other menu will be to filter the amount of results per page. I understand this requires other scripts, which I currently do have, and am familar with php includes, but I need to know the syntax explanation as to create the functioning select menu (html), (not select query in php).

    I have seen examples of similar code, but I couldn't manage to get it working to show an example...Sorry.

    Since I love to fish, I will give this link: http://www.basspro.com/Baits-%26-Lures/_/S-12100004000 where you can see Showing 1-40 of 2,067 Items then it says sort by Relevancy and another show # of items per page. See that, that's very similar to what I am trying to achieve.

    Thank you

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