I am using php, and need to load() this , template content php file into the jquery and pass it to a #div ID to render front-end view.

I am not sure how to load the php file in jquery and then pass it as a variable called repeater which helps build out all the rows combining the template loaded with Ajax (obj) query results.

In the set alert, it pops up as [object Object], no template.
When I write the entire php template content out into jquery as var repeater, it works, but I do not want all that html in jquery. Just load() then read.

Here is the code if this makes any sense
			   $('#pageContent').load('../includes/OrderLookup.php #pageContent');
				   alert ($('#pageContent').load('OrderLookup.html #pageContent'));
				   var url = $('#pageContent').load('../includes/OrderLookup.php');
				   var page = '<div id="pageContent"></div>';
	               var repeater = $('#pageContent').load('OrderLookup.html #pageContent');
				   var pageBuildUp='';
                    for (x in dataArray){
                         pageBuildUp += obj.repeater;
						//pageBuildUp += url;
                        pageBuildUp = pageBuildUp.replace('##transactionId##',makeTextSmall(dataArray[x]['blockvalue'],20));
                        if (dataArray[x]['description']==''){
                            pageBuildUp = pageBuildUp.replace('##orderTotal##','no total amount');