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Thread: Scroll bar script resizable

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    Scroll bar script resizable

    Hello there, nice being a part of the forum, hope to have some help, im using a script from this website


    and im trying to put in my website, you can see it better the scroll bar in my website above


    But i have a problem, i liked to make the scrollabr resizable, how could i make it? I sent a message to the author, and he told me this:

    "You will have to use the jquery resize event in combination with the tinyscrollbar update method"

    Unfortanlly im a complete noob in javascript/jquery, could someone explain me the steps or how can i make these changes?

    Best regards

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    My guess is something like this, but you should explain yourself better. What do you want to resize (content of paragraph, browser window)?

    This will call the anonymous function each time a browser window is resized and inside it, call that scrollbar update method, but i'm not familiar with that particular scrollbar, so it may not work
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