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Thread: New project doubts...

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    New project doubts...


    My english is not very good…but let´s try…
    I am thinking in a project witch involves de develop of a Social network (similar to facebook but obviously not the same). Initially the amount of users would be small (>5000) but if everything goes as expected could be increased to 100.000 or more.

    I am starting to analyze how to do it…maybe someone here can help me…

    First, from the client side I was thinking in HTML5/CSS3 (Responsive design etc) just to assure is correctly viewed in mobiles, tablets etc (Better than making one for desktops and one for mobile users)…

    From server side I am not sure…maybe do everything ourselves new (Outsourcing the design and with 2 developers in the team, 6/8 Months not using CM, coding in PHP/MySQL) but maybe using a php framework(Synphony or wathever).
    Here would you recommend to start with a CMS (social engine, Drupal etc)? Would it be enough to that amount of users? Any good framework to develop a social network=

    Any more suggestion would be appreciated…

    Thanks in advance


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    php+javascript+1 good httaccess for rewrite your php into html (link user friendly) = Best solution i think...

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