I have a small web site that was built around a wysiwyg web building software, and I think the site is working fine. I am not a programmer, so had to look around for simple to use software so I could concentrate on the design of the site.

To this end, I have been using romancart which for those who don't know what it is, it is one of those carts where the products are held on a remote server, and then you copy and paste the button code into your own web site anywhere you like.

This has worked fine until I wanted to add some more products and now have a problem with the basket working out the postage the way it needs to be done.

Until now, the products are mainly low value items of varying weights so I set up a weight based shipping method based around Royal Mail pricing.

My problem is that now I have added some items that are high in value but only weigh a few grammes (maybe 80grammes packed at the most).

This messes up the postage calculations, because I would like to send those items by special delivery, but if the customer adds one of the other items at the same time, the special delivery option is removed, to be replaced by the standard delivery option.

What I wanted to do was to specify that those high value items are to have a specific delivery cost attached to them that would not be removed in the basket, so that there would be 2 delivery prices added, so I could send the high value items separately.

Romacart support is not very helpful on this but from what I can gather, this is not a feature of the system.

Can anyone help me with this that maybe has used romancart before, or alternatively, can suggest a (copy and paste type) shopping cart can can do something similar to what I am trying to achieve.

I do not want to move to a fully fledged shopping cart such a prestashop, as this would make me have to abandon the site I spent week building, and that I like the look of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.