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Thread: [Help Please]Coding Mouse Clicks

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    [Help Please]Coding Mouse Clicks


    I am kind of new to coding in Java, I have been doing it lightly for about a year now. I am working on a project with a friend for this game, and I was wondering how I can code a mouse click that does not actually use the computers mouse itself.

    To make a better example for you guys to more clearly understand, I am trying to make a program that will click
    things within the area of the client GUI, and a user can still have control of his mouse and open other things and not interfere with what the client is currently doing.

    Does anyone know how I can go about doing this?

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    You are looking for a way to trigger events in the browser using JavaScript, right?

    That should tell you all you need to know. Event delegation, and managing an evented system in general is important for gaming projects, but comes with a learning curve. Once you learn events thoroughly, though, you'll be much better off.

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