I am looking for a program with a simple interface that will allow my client to select which jobs they want to show from a SQL database.

Currently the Jobs are being submitted to a 'Career Management' type program that puts each job into a SQL database. The client then uploads the Jobs that they want shown through an amped up FTP program. In the end the Career Management software spits out a .htm file with a long list of each job, and with templates I'm able to change the look and feel or determine where in a table the jobs show up.

Now the client wants to present these in a cleaner format, by state. I've been playing around with jquery/javacripts directly with the .htm files. None of them have given me the results that I've wanted. So, I'd rather just access the database directly, and write a PHP/ASP page calling the database, but I need something that I can plug into for the client to select which jobs they want listed.

Any suggestions are appreciated.