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    Help a new guy out.


    I'm kinda new at programming, but over the past few months have managed to understand CSS,HTML fairly well and now I'm getting into PHP. I've found I learn a lot more by creating rather than studying.

    A project I want to attempt this weekend is to make a multi-page small business website using only CSS, HTML, and PHP. I'm going to post any questions as I go onto this thread.

    My first question:

    I know I'll have different files like index.php for home and single.php for interior pages. How do I designate the URL location for these interior pages? In other words, how do I make single.php go to domain.com/about-us. Is there some kind of tag I need to designate to make each page located at a particular URL? What if I wanted to make another single.php template go to domain.com/contact. Could someone help me out here or point me towards a good tutorial?

    For example, I know that I could make an about page <a href="about.php">About Us</a> and link to it that way, but would rather create the more common and seo friendly URLs like <a href="/about-us">About Us</a>. How do I get rid of this "page/file name" attribute and migrate to URLs site-wide?


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