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Thread: Website form builder that will send form data to the person who completed the form

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    Website form builder that will send form data to the person who completed the form


    I am a total noob, so please bear with me. I have an individual who would like to put a form on their site that will send the completed form data both to them AND the person who completed the form as a "receipt."

    I have tried to accomplish this in Google docs (since it is free) but the form will only send to me, and only me when I create "notification rules" I have found a script that will allow me to send the data from the form to me, but I can't get it to send to the person who had completed the form.

    Does anyone know of a form creation website (free or otherwise) that will send the completed form data to a specific email address (the site owner) as well as to the person who completed the form?

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    Are you able to input your own code into the builder?



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    I am able to have the spreadsheet that the data gets dumped into run a script. I found a script I could copy and paste into the script editor that would gather the data and send it to a defined email address. I realize that I could probably write (or hire someone to write) a code that would pull the email address entered in the "email address" field of the form and enter that into the script as the defined email address, but that seems like a lot of work and I assume there must be a form building service (FormSite, WuFoo, Adobe Form Creator etc.) that allows for this functionality without having to learn (or outsource) code.

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    Let me recommend you a much easier way to solve your task. 123ContactForm, a visual form builder that I use and trust, gives you the possibility to email the form data automatically to you, as a form owner, and also to the person who filled in the form (provided that you insert an Email field inside the form, where people can enter their address to be mailed to).

    You won't need to write any script, all the coding and backend for your form is handled by 123ContactForm. Can't imagine any simpler method to build your form - you basically have the form up and running in just a couple of minutes. To set your emails, go to Settings > Notifications and insert your own email address to get the data to, and also check "Send a copy of the completed form to the sender".

    Let me know if I can help with everything.

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    Wordpress is easy for newbie, apart from this you should learn html too for better result.

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