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Thread: Javascript calendar control not working in IE10+Windows 8

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    Javascript calendar control not working in IE10+Windows 8

    We have noticed that with Internet Explorer 10/Windows 8, the calendar isn't working properly. We have noticed the following things:

    1) The year isn't shown correctly, it shows 13, 14 etc up to 213, instead of 2013, 2014 etc.

    2) It's not possible to select 2012 or 2014, 2015 etc. If we select 13, it enters the year 2013. If we enter 14, it enters the year 1914. If we enter 133 it enters the year 1767 etc.

    The calendar control works properly with all versions of IE(on Windows XP, Windows7 etc..).
    Problem arises when we run the web application on Windows 8.

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    Why do you believe it is a JS problem if it works fine in all earlier conditions than IE10/Win8?

    Have you contacted the authors?

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    Same thing: javascript not working in Windows 8

    All of a sudden starting last week, we noticed that functions on our ASP.net website that use javascript (like __doPostBack on linkbuttons, command buttons, etc) are not working. One of our customers has the problem on 3 new Win8 machines and the problem exists on both IE10 and Firefox 19.0. The wierd thing is that on my own Win8 machine and on every possible browser I can test on BrowserStack, I cannot replicate the problem at all!

    In one case, we have an Edit command button in the first column of each gridview row. Normally, clicking the Edit command changes the gridview into Edit mode for that row. On the Win8 machines with the problem, nothing happens. The user can see and click the Edit command button, but nothing happens.

    Any ideas anyone?

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