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Thread: Can you insert at a specific location in PHP/MYSQL?

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    Can you insert at a specific location in PHP/MYSQL?

    I was wondering if there was a quick and easy way of inserting a row at a specific location into the database?

    For example:
    PHP Code:
    $stmt $db->prepare("INSERT INTO pages (position, blog_name, content) VALUES (?,?,?)"); 
    The thing that gets me is every time I fool around with MySQL statements it usually ends in epic disaster, though the wording make sense it usually doesn't work for me. I am going to search around in the MySQL 5.x Reference Manual for the solution, but I thought I would come here if any php guru could answer my question. I have a feeling that I will have to do this by using an array, for I have programmed in other languages. However, it would be quicker using the MySQL.

    Thanks John

    P.S. I hope I made this clear enough.

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    I just wanted to reply to my own thread that there is no need to reply, for I solved this last night.

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