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Thread: Iframe 404 Error on Page Load

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    Iframe 404 Error on Page Load

    Hi All,
    On page load Iframe is showing the 404 error code. The iframe displays pages just fine when users click various links after the page is loaded. How do I display something other than the error code on page load? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    I think there is a plugin on Wordpress, if you are using Wordpress then it would be easy for you to install the plugin..

    Any 404 error pages would be forwarded to home page..

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    You have not posted your code, so I can't be certain, but I suspect the problem is the SRC attribute of the iframe lacks a valid URL. I.e.

    <iframe src="somepage.html" etc...

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    Try something like this, you can adjust the values (this code will create an iframe across the whole page)

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    html, body {height:100%;width:100%;overflow:hidden}
    table {height:100%;width:100%;table-layout:static;border-collapse:collapse}
    iframe {height:100%;width:100%}
    <iframe src="http://mywebsite/somepage.html" frameborder="0"></td></tr>

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