Okay guys, so I had an idea for a website and my brother and I collaborated on the idea, creating page mock-ups and design layouts. When it came time to start developing the website, we registered with a free web host so we can both upload to a live server and develop code at each of our own paces. Then we stumbled upon our first problem. We didn't know if we should use a CMS or just build off from scratch.

We are both web developers, we're knowledgeable in html, css3, php, databases, jquery, pretty much everything we need to start a website; everything else we might not know we pick up on pretty quickly and apply. But this indecision stuck.

We don't know if we could build a website from scratch since we're of the mindset that coding what would otherwise be 'plugins' in a CMS is kind of like reinventing the wheel. On the other hand, CMS' are a total pain in the butt even for us considering we have our own theme templates and our own site structure we want to implement.

It could be that we're going about this all wrong. What do you guys think? Desperately need help here, any help is appreciated! Thanks!