I have a script that displays images in a folder. It puts 1 on top of the other and I would rather it be 2-3 images wide per row. I want to do this with CSS but I don't know how? The tricky part (I think) is that each image has a <form> so that I can delete the image and I don't know if you can have more than 1 form on a row?

PHP Code:
$sPath "content/uploaded/";
$sPath rtrim($sPath'/\\');  
$aFiles = array();  
    while (
false !== ($file readdir($handle)))
    if (
filectime($sPath DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR $file) <= $iSixMonthsAgo)
unlink($sPath DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR $file);
$aFiles[$file] = filectime($sPath DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR $file);

foreach (
$aFiles AS $fileName => $createTime)
printf('%s (created on %s)'PHP_EOL'<form action="' $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] . '" method="post" name="form1"><input type="hidden" name="filex" id="filex" value="' .$fileName '" hidden><input type="submit" name="Delete" id="Button" value="Delete Image"></form> <a href="content/uploaded/"'.$fileName.'" target="blank">'$fileName .'"<br><img src=./content/uploaded/' $fileName ' width=400></a><br><hr><br>'date('F d Y'$createTime));