Hi All,
Newbie here. Iím hoping to get some good advice/direction from experts in the field. Iím 7 years out of college. I have a Bachelorís in Biology, worked in cancer research for 2 years, but things have changed and my ultimate goal now is to become a web developer. Since leaving cancer research, Iíve been working in a systems department at a large fashion retailer as a systems security admin and email admin. Iíve also done freelance web production work for a major media conglomerate. This is as far as it goes for me. I do not have any formal training or education in anything relating to computer science or web development. Iíve been considering the following masterís program in New York, where I currently live and work: http://appsrv.pace.edu/academics/vie...on=nyc&details. Iím looking at this program in particular because they will take on students without a previous CS background and it seems to make sense to get a masterís over getting another bachelorís (in CS). Iím wondering if this is even the way to go though. With so many online courses out there (Udacity, Coursera, edX), so many ways to do it yourself, should I even bother? On paper, I thought it might look better, legitimize me in a way, to have this masterís degree. At the same time, it's a lot of time and money. I definitely learn better in a classroom environment vs teaching myself at home. But I am open to any and all suggestions. Master's, 2nd bachelor's, associate's or technical, or online?? If anyone has specific recommendations for programs in the NYC area, that would be great.
Many, many thanks!