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Thread: My Website has resolution compatibility issue. Please suggest me what to do.?

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    My Website has resolution compatibility issue. Please suggest me what to do.?

    Whenever i try to open my web page on high resolution, it display long horizontal scroll bar and i have to scroll every time to view web page, which is very disappointing. Please suggest me how to fix it.

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    Sounds like you've set your main container (html, body, div, etc) with a pixel value.

    Either lower the overall pixel value or change to percentage.

    Hard to say with no code.



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    Might help:

    Choosing Dimensions for Your Web Page Layout:

    In Search of the Holy Grail: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/holygrail/
    Choosing Dimensions for Your Web Page Layout: http://www.elated.com/articles/choos...b-page-layout/
    How to create flexible sites quickly using standards like CSS and XHTML: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/web/library/wa-rapid/
    Designing for the Web: Resolution and Size: http://sitepointcom.createsend4.com/...yd/birtthtw/h/
    Care With Font Size: http://www.w3.org/QA/Tips/font-size

    Websites Shouldn’t Look The Same Across Different Browsers: http://www.noupe.com/design/websites...re-is-why.html
    Cross-Browser CSS in Seconds with Prefixr: http://net.tutsplus.com/articles/new...-with-prefixr/
    Responsive Web Design Demystified: http://www.elated.com/articles/respo...n-demystified/
    Responsive Web Design: 5 Handy Tips: http://www.elated.com/articles/respo...-5-handy-tips/
    It’s Not Responsive Web Building, It’s Responsive Web Design: http://www.getfinch.com/finch/entry/...ve-web-design/

    Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design: http://thinkvitamin.com/design/begin...ve-web-design/
    What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design? (A super-impressive CSS3 presentation built on impress.js, demonstrating the basics of Responsive Web Design): http://johnpolacek.github.com/WhatTh...ressjs/#/title

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    Thanks LearningCoder.

    I've change width size pixel to %. Now it's running fine and i'm able to open in any resolution.

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