Why hello there!

Im going to start off by explaining my problem. I want to be able to run a HTML-file that fetches info from clients MSSQL databases basically. I first thought of PHP but the problem is that I cant install a webbserver on the machine that connects to the clients, because of security reasons, so I settled for Javascript if this is possible.

I use a javascript-function that looks like this (Basically only DIR-ing now but will OSQ):

function testis() {
var wsh = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var cmd = wsh.run("cmd /K CD C:\ & Dir & exit");


What the internets in general is telling me is that I can use a stdout-reader to get the outputresult of this, but it doesnt return anything. Somewhat like this:

var output = cmd.StdOut.ReadAll();

Does anyone have a good tip on how to make this happen, or will I have to whine some more at the security-guys and go PHP?