Hi all,
I'm very new to javascript and I'm practicing the creation of dynamic contents by using getElementByID and innerHTML and ran into a problem. I used Firebug to check for errors and didn't see any but my script is not working.
When the page loads, my script is supposed to create new contents for a div with the id of Client_Info if it does not contain any inside it.

The following are my the contents of my external javascript file called CreateTag.js and my HTML Markup:
function Delete_Div()

var myElement= document.getElementbyID(Client_Info);

//Onload Check if the contents of Client_Info is equal to the value in the parenthesis
//Rewrite the contents with the following values
myElement.innerHTML==<div id='Display' style='position:relative;width:100%;'>
<img alt='Faces' src='images/Clients/YourFullAd.jpg' id='Gallery' style='position:relative;margin-left:45%;top:10px;' >
<div id='ScopeCap' style='position: relative; margin-left:45%; top:65px;'> </div>


<body onLoad = "Delete_Div()" onUnload = "Delete_Div()">
<div ="Client_Info">
<div id='Display'><img alt="Pets src='images/Clients/myDod.jpg' id='Gallery' ></div>

Please take a look and see where I went wrong, thanks in advance.